Name Host Description Date
What Constitutes Success? Legal Services for Victims of Crime: A Model for Program Design and Evaluation Justice Research and Statistics Association The conceptual model was developed as part of an NIJ-funded project by researchers at the Justice Research and Statistics Association with practitioner experts at the National Crime Victims Law Institute and subject matter experts across multiple areas of victim legal services. The webinar included information about the development of the model itself and how practitioners might apply it to their work. The model provides essential grounding that can guide program design and evaluation across all forms of victim legal services, including victims’ rights enforcement programs. December 8, 2020
Provider Panel: Increasing Identification Through Outreach Framework This 1-hour panel discussion highlights the experience of service providers with expertise in the area of labor trafficking outreach. Panelists share the trajectory of their outreach work—where they started, what they’ve learned, what their programming looks like today, and recommendations for other providers to consider as they initiate or strengthen their labor trafficking outreach efforts. December 7, 2020
Relentless Resilience – A Diplomatic Genocide Aura Freedom International Aura Freedom is collaborating with Indigenous artists and community members in Toronto for an online event on violence against Indigenous women, as part of their Relentless Resilience campaign. Through conversations with Indigenous frontline workers and community agencies in Toronto, this event on Dec 3, 2020 will raise awareness of violence against Indigenous women in Canada, its roots in colonialism and patriarchal ideals, and how advancing equity is key to eradicating it. December 3, 2020
2020 Freedom from Slavery Forum: Empowering & Learning from Survivors Free The Slaves This webinar highlights empowering and learning from survivors. They addrss the following question: How can we achieve stronger survivor engagement and leadership in the anti-slavery movement in advocacy, research, policymaking, awareness-raising and project implementation? November 29, 2020
2020 Freedom from Slavery Forum: The Use of Research to Fight Modern Day Slavery Free The Slaves This webinar highlights the use of research to fight modern day slavery. They address the follwoing question: how can we define and measure the drivers of modern slavery and the impact of interventions in ways that shape policy decisions, generate funding and inform the design of front-line interventions? November 29, 2020
Indigenous Survivors Speak Out World Without Exploitation Speakers Series Indigenous Survivors Speak Out with: Jeri Moomaw (Innovations Human Trafficking Collective), Sandi Pierce (Innovations Human Trafficking Collective), Christine Stark (Author) November 12, 2020
How to Keep Learning During a Crisis Collective Impact Forum When we’re working through a crisis, like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it can feel overwhelming to consider how we can learn from what’s happening around us. In this discussion, we go over the imperative of learning, even during times of great upheaval, and what small ways we can assess how we’re doing and how to move forward. We hear from FSG's Hallie Preskill and Joelle Cook, who share advice, recommendations, and concrete ideas on how to continue to keep learning about how our collaborative work is going, even during times of prolonged crisis like the pandemic. November 1, 2020
Labor Trafficking 101: Learning the Basics National Center for Victims of Crime A panel of experts share information about potential indicators of labor trafficking, vulnerable industries, and a broad range of resources available to help organizations and tribes start, sustain, or grow their support services for victims of labor trafficking. Participant questions are answered live during the event. This webinar is part of the Ask an Expert Series sponsored by the Office for Victims of Crime, Human Trafficking Capacity Building Center. October 23, 2020
Fact, Fiction & Fear: The impact of conspiracy theories on the anti-trafficking movement World Without Exploitation Speaker Series This webinar was held by World Without exploitation as part of their Now and Next Speaker Series. During this webinar, guest speakers: Rebecca Bender (Rebecca Bender Initiative) and Shea M. Rhodes (CSE Institute) discuss the impact of conspiracy theories on the anti-trafficking movement. October 8, 2020
Housing LGBTQ+ Survivors of Trafficking Freedom Network USA This webinar was produced by Freedom Network USA. LGBTQ+ individuals experience high rates of homelessness, have a heightened vulnerability of being exploited, and are often excluded from housing programs. This webinar will discuss the challenges that LGBTQ+ survivors face in accessing safe and stable housing and explore housing models and practices to enhance access to housing for individuals from the LGBTQ+ community. September 29, 2020
Anti-Racism in the Modern Anti-Slavery Movement Survivor Alliance Join Freedom Fund partner Survivor Alliance for a unique online event in which Kenneth B. Morris Jr., Co-Founder of the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives, will talk about the linkages between historical and contemporary forms of forced labour. The great-great-great grandson of Frederick Douglass and great-great grandson of Booker T. Washington will share his insights about the need for anti-racism in the modern anti-slavery movement. He will highlight FDFI's strategy to fight slavery by pursuing racial equity and prevention of human trafficking through education. A Q&A session will follow. September 17, 2020
WorldWE Speakers Series: The LGBT Community and Commercial Sexual Exploitation World Without Exploitation Speaker Series In this webinar “The LGBTQ Community and Commercial Sexual Exploitation,” Esperanza Fonseca, member of AF3IRM, and Cristian Eduardo, Survivor Leader at Sanctuary for Families and ECPAT-USA, discuss the widespread exploitation of the LGBTQ community in the sex trade and the harms of full decriminalization. They also talk about the importance of the Equality Model, a policy solution that prioritizes the rights of those who have been exploited in the sex trade while holding buyers, pimps and johns accountable for the harms they cause. September 10, 2020
Ethical and Practical Considerations for Collecting Longitudinal Data from CSEC Youth HEAL Trafficking Discussion on “A longitudinal evaluation of a survivor-mentor program for child survivors of sex trafficking in the United States" (2020) with Katherine Bright, a PhD candidate at University of Rutgers School of Criminal Justice and one of the authors on the study. Bright explores the findings of the research, but more importantly, she shares the methods her team developed to conduct longitudinal research with a population of youth that were often difficult to trace over time. She also discusses the methods for debriefing with research team members and ensuring their well-being during the process of the research, addresses conflicts and resolves tensions. August 5, 2020
Collaborating during COVID-19 Collective Impact Forum In this roundtable discussion, we address some questions from Forum community members about how our collaborative work is affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including supporting exhausted community partners, figuring out how to build engagement around a new initiative during the pandemic, and how to keep long-term goals while meeting immediate needs. Featuring Robert Albright, Sheri Brady, Jennifer Splansky Juster, Paul Schmitz, Tracy Timmons-Gray, and Junious William. August 1, 2020
Experiences of Racism Among African American Women Impacted by Commercial Sexual Exploitation HEAL Trafficking This HEAL Research Committee Webinar discusses Lara Gerassi’s 2019 article titled “Experiences of Racism and Racial Tensions Among African American Women Impacted by Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Practice: A Qualitative Study.” Dr. Gerassi, an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Social Work, will discuss the studies findings and also the innovative research methods she designed to pursue this research. This discussion is moderated by Laura Murphy. July 22, 2020
HEAL Trafficking Webinar: Integrating Research into Anti-Trafficking Presentations HEAL Trafficking This webinar is designed to increase your confidence when presenting statistics and research about trafficking, by teaching you how to evaluate research and statistics that are shared in the general public. Not all research is reported accurately – even by reputable organizations or the government – so it is important for anti-trafficking advocates to learn how to determine what information is the best to use in your training. Presenters explain how to track the original sources of statements that are often employed in anti-trafficking awareness efforts, but are not accurate. This webinar was developed in partnership with HEAL Trafficking (https://healtrafficking.org) and the Survivor Alliance (www.survivoralliance.org). Presenters include: Ummra Hang, MSW and Survivor Alliance Member, and Dr. Laura Murphy, Professor of Human Rights and Contemporary Slavery at Sheffield Hallam University and HEAL Research Committee Chair. June 19, 2020
The Bitter Truth About Sugaring: Deception and false promises in exploitation’s new frontier World Without Exploitation Speaker Series Presented by: Tamar Arenson (The One Campaign), Angie Henderson (University of Northern Colorado), Megan Lundstrom (Avery Center for Research & Services) June 11, 2020
Privilege and Racial Marginalization World Without Exploitation Speaker Series A disscussion of the racism of prostitution presented by: Audrey Morrissey (My Life My Choice), Sonia Ossorio (National Organization for Women New York) and Christine Stark (Author). June 4, 2020
Supporting the Health and Economic Needs of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault and Trafficking Survivors during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Futures Without Violence This webinar highlights how advocacy programs and collaborative partners are shifting their in-person and virtual approaches to meet the needs of trafficking survivors. It also includes tools and approaches to expand partnerships with healthcare and workforce development partners, to enhance safety and wellness for survivors, as well as resources. June 3, 2020
Your Influence Matters. How to Use It to Support Long-Term Social Change Collective Impact Forum In this 2020 Collective Impact Convening keynote, Becky Margiotta (Billions Institute) shares her story, and offers prescriptions for how to maximize the impact of your "three feet of influence" to change the world based on her 30 years of experience as a leader herself and her work with more than 1,000 cross-sector leaders who've attended her workshops on leading large-scale change. May 7, 2020
Rethinking Representation: Framing Human Trafficking for Health Professionals HEAL Trafficking Representation is “the description or portrayal of someone or something in a particular way or as being of a certain nature”. This presentation explores how the anti-trafficking movement represents human trafficking in its public awareness efforts via visual media, stories and testimonies, and data and statistics. By the end of the training, participants will be able to identify common missteps and promising practices to utilize a trauma-informed, survivor-centered approach to authentically sharing information about human trafficking for health professionals. September 20, 2018